Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Recap

Weekly Recap: 5/3-5/9

 So just in case you may have missed what went down this week on The Guy's Side here is my very first weekly recap!

So not the most productive week in the way of reviews, it is actually my first productive week I've had since I started blogging. I'm really hoping that I can keep this up and start posting stuff daily, or almost daily like it was this past week.What all did you guys enjoy about the blog this week? 

I did give the blog a bit of a makeover this week as well! I have to say I'm loving it much more than my original all green background.

Stay tuned for the upcoming week when I have even more stuff planned to write about, including a couple of reviews that are a bit overdue. Ah well better late than never am I right?

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