Friday, May 8, 2015

Beauty and A Book

Beauty and a Book was created by Heather over at The Turning Pages and its all about a character from a book and what makes them beautiful. Well since I missed the first week, I'm doubling up with two characters (of course they happen to be in the same book).

So without further ado I want to focus on Sarah "Pixie" Marshall from Best Kind of Broken by Chelsea Fine!

Pixie Marshall is a girl who is both beautiful in looks and on the inside and I'm hoping that I can do her justice with how beautiful she actually is. I'm going to get this out of the way and say that Pixie with her green eyes, blonde hair, and just overall general good looks  makes her a beauty in that regard alone.

The other factors that makes Pixie so down right beautiful as a character is after everything she has been through, she might be "broken" but she gets through it all with her determination, strength, her ability to love herself. Even when she blames herself for stuff that happened in the past, Pixie is still trying to make her way through and not just give up; when things get rough.

Her being an artist is just another one of the things that makes her beautiful, because she puts herself into her work and depending on her mood; her paintings reflect that. 

Now my second beautiful character is Levi Andrews, also from Best Kind of Broken and is a guy. Yes I know a guy that I wanted to touch on about him being beautiful as a character and isn't the most typical choice. 

A lot like Pixie in the regards that he is good looking with his dark hair, chiseled body, and bright blue eyes that are flecked with silver doesn't mean that he doesn't have other qualities going for him. Levi is also broken but he wants to be able to move on again; even if life throws him some curve balls. Wanting to protect Pixie and make everything right again makes him beautiful; given their history. 

Poor Levi also has a lot of his own issues that makes him stronger because while he lets them run his life for a while, he is attempting to put everything back in to order. So what traits make him a beautiful character? His looks for one, followed by his wanting to make things right; protectiveness which he's had since a young age. He's just an all around broken kind of guy but being broken is part of who he is. 

Both Levi and Pixie are broken and by being broken they are both insanely more beautiful than just what their looks convey! So thank you Chelsea Fine for the characters and Heather from the Turning Pages for starting this. I loved writing this post!


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    1. Thanks Lynn! Something I've started since I graduated and I'm getting more into.