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Book Reviews - Ignite and Encite by Erica Crouch

Title: Ignite (Ignite Series #1)
Author: Erica Crouch
Publisher: Patchwork Press
Release Date: June 11, 2013
Rating: 3/5

Penemuel (Pen) fell from grace over a millennium ago, yet there are still times she questions her decision to follow her twin brother, Azael, to Hell. Now that the archangel Michael has returned, threatening Lucifer’s vie for the throne, she begins questioning everything she has always believed.

As Hell prepares for war - spreading a demonic virus and pilfering innocent souls to build an army - the lines separating the worlds blur. Fates erase and the future is left unwritten. Azael is determined that he and his sister will continue to serve as demons together, but for the first time in her life, Pen is not ruled by destiny. She has the freedom of choice.

With choice comes sacrifice, and Pen must decide which side she’s willing to risk everything fighting for: the light, or the dark.
*I received a free review copy in exchange for an honest review* Thanks Patchwork Press and NetGalley!

Now I love stories that involve angels and demons, Heaven and Hell and archangel Michael. The Blue Blood Series by Melissa De La Cruz is one of my favorites; as an example of this. That being said; Erica Crouch did a wonderful job at creating another story with these elements. 

I loved following Pen's story and seeing her being cast out of Heaven and becoming a demon and working with her twin brother now. There was so many feels brought upon Pen and her having to choose between her past, present and future. Now this may seem a bit confusing but her past has always meant doing things with her brother, Azael. The present means the impending war and the future of choosing the light or the dark. I was never sure what Pen was going to choose and I'm still not sure it's what I was hoping for. So many mixed emotions from this book. Azael is a character that I loved to hate while reading this. Arrogant asshat (sorry for this; but its what he is to me)

This was a great first book in the series and Erica left me wanting more from each of the following books, which is why I requested all of them from NetGalley.  So I granted this novel 3 stars as a good beginning to a great series. 

 Title: Entice (Ignite Series 1.5)
Author: Erica Crouch
Publisher: Patchwork Press
Release Date: November 18, 2013
Format: E-book
Rating 3.5/5 Stars

With the aftertaste of Heaven still strong, Pen and Azael cloak themselves in their new demonic destinies, fighting for Lucifer against the angels. Pen, warring against former friends turned vengeful enemies, still struggles with defecting to Hell. But in one short battle, they go from forgotten to famous, thrust into the spotlight where she has no room for uncertainty.

Suddenly top-tiered demons, they’re tasked with seeing through hell’s new agenda: corrupting man. But tarnishing Eden isn’t as simple as they thought it would be, especially when they’re forced to work with another team of demons who are trying to claw their way up the ladder of power.
  *I received a free review copy in exchange for an honest review* Thank you Patchwork Press and NetGalley!

Entice is the prequel novella to Ignite, in which we get to follow Pen and Azael's descent from Heaven. I have to say Erica did it again! Entice was exactly what I was looking for once I had finished Ignite. While reading the first book I wanted to know more of how they worked they're way up the hierarchy of demon affairs, and just a little bit more of the past, especially with Pen. 

Erica delivered big time, she packed enough feels into this shorter novel but don't let the size fool you. I got to know more about what was going on in Pen's mind and I had a chance to see interactions with Lucifer, that I don't think I got to see before. I actually started to really like Lucifer in this book. Something about him in Entice was enticing ;), bad pun I know. It was nice to understand why Pen is how she is, and why she is the way she is. 

Overall I was satisfied with this novella. Just enough to have tied me over until I manage to read Incite!

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