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 The Guys:

So welcome to my little piece of the blogger world. Who am I? Well I'm Brian and where else are you going to find a 23 year old male book blogger who works with horses. Right now I'm working in the Santa Ynez Valley in California. I read pretty much anything I can get my hands on and love to talk all things book related. I'm just a simple guy who loves reading and horses. Yes these two things pretty much make up my life.Well that and my crazy friends and family.

I'm hoping to get this blog up and running to where I really want it to be, so all tips are welcome. Feel free to find me on any of the places below, I'm always up for a chat.

Twitter: @bookishbrian

Howdy all of you wonderful book fanatics! Nice to meet ya'll!! My name is Scott Straubinger and I am one of The Guy's Side's lovely fabulous reviewers! What all is there to know about me?! Why I'm glad you asked!    

Well let's see. I'm an avid reader of anything ranging from Hatchet, to Star Wars Expanded Universe, to Lord of the Rings, to the Inheritance Cycle. My interests range from video games like Mass Effect, to movies, to superheroes! 

Truthfully, I'm just a fun-loving, perky, guy who loves to meet new people (especially wonderful characters from books! The best friends you could ask for!) and loves to talk fantastic things like described above! If you have any book suggestions for review or just general conversation, send me a message on one of these links! Have a great day all my learned new friends!

Twitter: @figgy4prez
Facebook: Scott Straubinger

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