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of Poseidon

Title: of Poseidon 
Author: Anna Banks
Publisher: Square Fish
Release Date: May 22, 2012 

I'll have to admit I did judge this book by the cover a bit before I got it but it was called of Poseidon, so it was bound to have promise just based on that alone. Turns out my guess was right, it was pretty good which is why I'm giving it a 4 out of 5.
Syrena Legacy Book 1 

Reasons that I enjoyed the book were numerous and I usually don't get that into books that are heavy in the romance category. One of the first things that I loved about it was one the secondary characters Rayna with her sarcastic, mean kind of attitude she has got going on, every scene she was in made the scene highly enjoyable. Her mate Toraf is another one of those characters that I loved to see in scenes throughout the book because he is just a loveable character with his goofy manner.

Being that the book was written from 2 different points of view kept the novel moving and it gave an insight on how the two main characters were viewing everything that was occurring. From starting out with Emma's point of view and switching over to Galen the next chapter and so on and so forth; it was an interesting way to keep things fresh. The best part is that there was no love triangles going on for the most part. Bonus points for that!

Where I did find a few problems with the book was Emma's mom as a character I found to be too controlling and while throughout the book I did piece some of the plot twist at the end, I was really not too impressed with the decision that was made. The ending plot twist just made the whole book seem to be a bit rushed. I also was still somewhat confused between the whole Syrena groups, the Poseidons and the Tritons not liking each other and pretty much being at war with each other. Yes it was all explained but they still marry each other if they are Royal, every so many generations which I don't understand.

Overall the book was good and it captivated me from the beginning until the end. Even with the small cast of characters that stay with you throughout the book made it all worth while, like it was a better insight on getting to know them. of Poseidon will forever have a spot on my shelf of books who managed to capture my attention from the first page. Oh and Rachel the mob woman, wonderful character, who would have thought about putting a member of the mob into a book about merpeople!? Anna Banks that's who!

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