Friday, July 3, 2015

Random Ramblings #2 - Me

This post won't be that exciting because like the title said Me. Yeah I know what you're thinking an entire post where I talk about myself how exciting is that going to be. Well lets find out how exciting it will actually end up being. As you found out if you read my last post I write like I talk which means bad grammar, circles, my own version of words but hey that's my point behind these posts, a chance to get to know me better and this one is hopefully going to do that for you.

So getting into it most of you know that I'm Brian and and if you follow me on Twitter (@bookishbrian) then you know that I work with horses. Well I love what I do with horses and all that fun stuff but life has a funny way of showing you what you actually want to do, from the encouragement of friends and family and former supervisors things change and I'll get to that in a minute.

Well this section is going to be a little history on how The Guy's Side came to be. I had graduated college in the spring of 2014 and ended up at home and working there for a while. I thought about attempting to blog but was never really sure because the blogs I had seen were impressive! So thankfully with my friend Samantha (look Sam I called you Samantha, twice!) and former supervisor and friend Deb from my college library (now its a university but it will always be DVC for me) they got me to start this blog and I have name changes for this and finally I have The Guy's Side and I love it the most out of the others! My friends were supportive of this blog because they knew that I was (and still am a crazy avid reader and have recs for them like its my job!)

What else is there to know about me? Well I'm going to do some telling in pictures in this section because I can't do all the talking. But a bit more talking and then you can see some pictures that isn't me rambling :p! I am a proud owner of some unlikely creatures, my little rats. Yes rats that's right! I also have the typical rabbits and dogs. I was a 4-H and FFA member (can you say nerdy kind of hick), I have the most amazing group of friends from DelVal who support my bookish antics and like I said earlier know that I have recs for them and some can say I give more than I should. You might actually get to see some of them on here from time to time with a guest review (Scott). Oh and if you ever want a Harry Potter, LOTR, Marvel, or Merlin or some other fandom chats I'm your guy! Alright I talked more than I thought I would have talked right now and I promised pictures! So pictures time!

Well that's all folks for this rambling little piece and I leave you with Porky Pig signing off!

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