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A Perfect Love!

So y'all I'm super excited to announce the first of my new features that I will be unveiling here at The Guy's Side. This one is called A Perfect Love! Now for those of you who are wondering what on Earth this could be about, well I'll tell ya. Its about all those books who's couples aren't the "norm" and by that I mean any definition of the word queer, interracial, a large age difference, really anything that isn't the norm like I said. Here you'll find those books and those authors who write these books and couples.

So without further ado my very first showcased author and series (that's right, you're getting both this time!) is...Annabeth Albert and her Portland Heat Series! Keep on reading for an interview with Annabeth and a giveaway for one of her Portland Heat novels!*M/M romance novels mature content*

Portland Heat is a series of short novels that take almost no time to read but for as short as they are, they manage to pack a punch! Each one of the currently released novels was just as good as the next and had me wanting more. What made this series be my debut option for this segment? Well its a M/M romance series and the couples more than fit this feature. I don't know which couple is my favorite.

The Book: Served Hot (Portland Heat #1)
The Couple: Robby & David
Why: What makes these two have that factor; well Robby is half-Asian and you guessed it these two are gay. That isn't what makes their relationship perfect though. What I believe made this work so well is that these two have been attracted to each other and Robby is one of the most patient men, I've ever read about when it comes to waiting for David. They have a love that despite the ghosts of David's past; it ultimately brings them closer.

The Book: Baked Fresh (Portland Heat #2)
The Couple: Vic and Robin
Why: Alright I love these two and what they brought to the table, so to speak. With a 10 year age difference between these boys and the rocky past each man has on his shoulders, it's hard to see a relationship actually blooming. What is beautiful about this relationship is that it was originally intended to not end up as a full blown relationship. When it did I was happy because they are a balancing act for each other, Vic as a rock that Robin needs and Robin as the confidence that Vic is need of with all of his changes over the last few years. They comfort each other and are there through the good times and the hard times and that's what love is about, being there for your partner when you need to be and sticking it out because in the end love is worth it.
The Book: Delivered Fast (Portland Heat #3)
The Couple: Lance and Chris
Why: Age difference is a huge thing here, with Lance at 22 and Chris clocks in at 35, and Chris isn't fond of the idea. He's also a gruff kind of man but he does mean well. This starts out as a relationship as a friends with benefits kind of deal, with nothing more supposed to happen but love has a mind of its own. As the novel progresses all Chris wants is for Lance to be happy and he doesn't think its possible for Lance to be happy with him because of their ages. Eventually he begins to see that age is just a number and love is what really matters in this case. Same with Lance he wanted to change his plans for love but realizes that he shouldn't have to because they have one of the strongest loves around.


1) Who was the hardest character to write about? 
In the Portland Heat series, each was difficult in their own way. Robin's painful backstory was challenging to my emotions for sure, but the black moment between Chris and Lance was also a scene that gutted me. 

2) Why did you choose to write M/M romance?
I didn't really set out to write M/M as a conscious decision. I had been reading a lot of m/m and then I got the idea for a book I HAD to write and it happened to star two guys. That book became TREBLE MAKER and from there my muse kept bringing me more and more LGBT stories. I think that I truly believe that love is love and that you have to write the book of your heart no matter who or what the subject matter. When you write what you love, it shows. And when you open your heart, you learn truths about yourself you never thought possible. 

3) What do you do about negative receptions about your books and decision to write them? 
I ignore them. I'm writing for the readers who love the books and for myself--I'm writing the books of my heart, the books my soul demands I write. I can't let the negative energy in. 

4) Favorite book and what are you currently reading? 
I just finished Leta Blake's TRAINING COMPLEX--it's the perfect follow-up to TRAINING SEASON. I have way too many favorites to list them all! But Marie Sexton's PROMISES was my first m/m book and the one I re-read the most. 

5) Can you tell us a little about what you're currently working on? 
I just finished Brady's book, KNIT TIGHT, about a barista and a male knitter who triumph over difficult family situations to find lasting happiness. Right now, I'm writing Perfect Harmony book 3 about a Country Singer and a male gogo dancer and it's so much fun. 

6) Where did you find the inspiration to write the Portland Heat books? 
Robby and David came to after I saw a prompt on the GRNW conference thread in 2013 asking for shorts involving common Northwest themes. The story then grew from a tiny short to a whole series involving everything I love about my region. 

7) Which of the couples so far is your favorite? I have to say I can't choose.  
 Whichever couple I'm currently writing is always the favorite. With Portland Heat, I love different characters for different reasons. Vic's struggle with his weight is near to my heart, while Chris and his cranky demeanor and heart of gold were incredibly fun to write, and Robby and David came along at a point when I really needed them in my life. I just finished Brady's book, and he too rapidly became a favorite. 

8) Has social media helped with the promotion of your books?  
I love connecting with my readers. It totally makes my day when someone reaches out and says they enjoyed the books! 

Giveaway: Annabeth was also amazing enough to do a giveaway for one of her Portland Heat novels!

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