Wednesday, July 1, 2015


So for those of you who stick around know that I don't post as often as I would like to which is why this post is named what it is. Now don't worry I'm not going anywhere just looking at what I can do to take this to the next step or just post more periodically.

First off: I'm going to severely limit what I allow myself to request from NetGalley and the like and even signing up for blitzes, blog tours and cover reveals. I like that they are easy posts for me but I get so busy with work and life that I forget about them.

Next: I have had some ideas for new features here on the blog and one of them is going to go live soon and I really want to put more time and thought into these and make them the best that I can do. Hopefully y'all are as excited about these new features just as much as I am! Especially this first one. My friends are supportive and like the idea but as for the general public, we'll see what happens.

Pretty much this is called changes because I originally started this to write about the books I read and wanted to share with people and write some posts that invade my mind and need somewhere to go. So my theory is to take The Guy's Side back to where it was when I first started and let this become what I originally had planned. Might not ever be the biggest or most popular blog out there but its my little corner and if you come by to read my reviews or my posts, then I thank you from the bottom of my heart. As such my Random Ramblings will continue even if they aren't always bookish but whatever crosses my mind and I try to put into words.

So hopefully y'all aren't disappointed with what I choose to do but I feel that by writing and reviewing when I can and on what I want then I'll be doing what I planned to do. Keep your eyes open for my newest feature coming in July (tentatively)!

I guess that's all folks for now!


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