Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Gift of Charms

So I was sent a preview of the first few chapters of the Gift of Charms by Julia Suzuki and here is my honest review. It's a short review but that's because again only had a few chapters.

I received a preview of the first few chapters of the book, thanks for those few chapters Julia! I must say the book is one in which I feel will captivate the reader. The epigraph drew in my attention from the first page and kept me reading til I ran out of pages.

The main character Yoshiko has a tough road ahead of him but I feel that he will overcome the obstacles surrounding his unusual birth and his unusual coloring next to the rest of the dragons of his color. The fact also remains that the other dragons will both hinder and help him along the way.

Why I'm giving it a 4, is that the dragons seemed to humanized and not overly that much like dragons. I would have preferred them to be less human like because I feel that it would have made the story flow a bit better. The other thing that I wasn't too fond of was right away Yoshiko would be the odd one out, I just felt it jumped in a little fast into the plot. 

Overall I enjoyed what I read even if it seems a bit young for my tastes it was still a book I would recommend to younger readers and I will finish the book myself upon its release. 

Now the book isn't due to be released in the US until May 1, 2015 so its a waiting game to see how it ends.

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