Monday, June 22, 2015

Random Ramblings #1 - My Love for NA

This post is just what it says "random ramblings" that I pulled from my brain and have attempted to put into words on a post for others to make sense of. As this is my first post for random ramblings please bear with me if you actually decide to read all of this.

Quite recently I came across a male blogger of the name Ethan over at One Guy's Guide to Goodreads, during his blogversary celebration. While I was celebrating with him and many other fantastic people, I met some really amazing authors courtesy of that. After talking with them, I learned of the NA genre (don't get mad I called it a genre). So because I'm game for trying just about anything out there I asked Ethan for some recommendations, which he delivered.

I got introduced to the works of Nazarea Andrews, Chelsea Fine, Cora Carmack, Jennifer Armentrout and Christine Manzari. Little did I know that these 5 would become the start of a new found love of mine in the way of literature and what I was reading before.

Now I stick with mostly NA contemporary romance when I'm reading NA (not sure why, I just do). I think I love NA because the characters are around my age (I'm 23) and most of the time they're college students or just out of college. Now this isn't true for all of them but it seems to be the case. Each of the 5 authors that I was given as a recommendation write some wonderful stuff and found some all time new favorite books from this.

After reading most of what all of them have written, I was looking for more NA and about the time that I was, Ethan came through again and brought Sarina Bowen to my attention. All I have to say is THANK YOU SARINA BOWEN FOR YOUR IVY LEAGUE SERIES! Yet another series that takes place in college but it by far is ONE of my absolute favorites that I've read so far. I blew through this series in no time and needed more.

Thank you NetGalley for having an NA section because almost all of my books I have from NetGalley currently are NA. So I suppose I need to say why I love NA so much (I mean I sorta started to above). So moving onto that A) characters are about my age; B) they remind me of college C) there is a mixture of elements that draw me into the books. Most NA I've read are also fairly short which helps because they become a quick read for me and I can get through them when I need a break from my other stuff.

There's not much about NA that I don't like (actually I haven't found to many NA I don't like). Most of the time the books seem similar just because of the covers but underneath those covers the stories have been different and some deal with more difficult topics than others. The difference in subject matter helps a lot with moving the story along. Its nice to see books that can take serious topics and bring them to light. Yes I know YA and adult books do this as well but I find it more relateable in NA. (I think I'm starting to talk in circles but I did call this rambling).

So anyway I have a  new found love for NA books; whether its the contemporaries, romance or paranormal, urban or even fantasy, I will probably read it or at least give it a chance. So if you haven't read any NA books yet, here is a list of authors and some of my favorite NA titles.

Chelsea Fine - Finding Fate Series
Cora Carmack - Rusk University
Jennifer Armentrout - Stay With Me and Wicked
Nazarea Andrews - University of Branton
Christine Manzari - Hooked 
Sarina Bowen - Ivy League Series
K.B. Nelson
Megan Erickson - Trust the Focus
Lis Lucassen
Rebecca Paula
Sadie Munroe
Katherine Locke - District Ballet Company Series

There are a lot more than what I listed but these are some of my favorites and I'm so glad I was introduced to these books and I have discovered more on my own and I can't seem to get enough of them. Well if you stuck with me through all of this then I applaud you! I hope you leave some comments on new titles I don't know of or hope you get to take away some recs of your own from here. 


  1. I freaking LOVE this post. Keep getting the word out brother. Those are my girls and they're awesome. Plus, it's awesome to see some more males embracing this side of the literary market! Here's to ya sir!

    1. Ethan! If it hadn't been for you I would never have known about them, this is all on you sir! Now if I would be more proactive about my reviews for them.